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Remove video backgrounds

Remove and change your video’s background in one click with Videoleap’s Cutout Tool.

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*Currently available on iOS only
  • Transform your video background with AI

    Alter your video's backdrop in a single tap with our AI video background remover. Whether you need to eliminate distractions or simply want a change of scene, Videoleap makes it fast and simple.

The Cutout Tool transforms your video background with AI
The Cutout Tool  removes green screen from video

Remove green screen from video

Remove green screens from your videos with Videoleap Video Maker's Chroma Key tool, and create your envisioned scene.

Change video backgrounds without a green screen, switch to another image, video, or blank screen, and add quality effects on objects.

In seconds, watch as your old background vanishes. Easy-to-use for any editing level.

Customize and remove backgrounds of videos with ease

Gain total control over your video's background with the video background eraser tool, Cutout.

Choose from a vast selection of preset patterns and colors, or use your own image or video for a personalized touch. Professional grade content, without the fuss.

The Cutout tool removes background of video

How to remove the background of videos?

  • 1

    Import your video

    Import a video to edit

  • 2

    Remove background with Cutout

    Use our smart Cutout tool to remove the video’s background easily using AI

  • 3

    Add a new background

    Import any background you want to swap in, and drag the isolated object to the top layer

  • 4

    Personalize and finalize

    Continue editing your video by using Videoleap app’s suite of editing tools

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Removing backgrounds FAQ

How do I remove the background of a video?

Here's how you can achieve a perfect background removal with Videoleap video editor:

Start by importing your video into the Videoleap app. Then, with just a tap, our smart Cutout tool uses AI to remove the background easily.

You then have the freedom to import any background you wish by simply dragging your isolated object to the top layer. Continue to refine your video using Videoleap's array of editing tools until you're satisfied with the result. Finally, export and share the video. You then have the freedom to import any background you wish by simply dragging your isolated object to the top layer.

Which operating systems support the Cutout tool?

The Cutout tool is currently available exclusively for iOS.

Can I remove green screen from video?

Absolutely! With Videoleap, you can remove the green screen from videos with the following steps:

  1. Add the video with the green screen and place it as the top layer
  2. Use the Chroma Key tool to cut out the green elements of the video & unveil the bottom layer
  3. Play with intensity & shadow to achieve the effect you want

Can I replace the removed background with a different image or video?

After removing the original background with Videoleap, you can easily change the video background to any image or video of your choice.

Is it possible to make a video background transparent with Videoleap?

No, Videoleap does not support making your video background transparent. This function may be introduced in the future, but it's not currently available.

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