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Expand your photos with our AI image extender

Extend your imagination and your photos and videos! Transform your content beyond its original frames with Videoleap’s image expander, AI Uncrop.

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*Currently available on iOS only
  • Easily extend images with AI 

    With Videoleap’s advanced AI, expand images and enhance your visuals all while preserving quality in seconds. By smartly understanding the context of your video or image, our AI creates new content that smoothly blends in with the original, filling any missing gaps.

    Transform a vertical shot into a horizontal one or the other way around, adapt a square Instagram post to fit a story, correct closely cropped or awkwardly framed content, and more. 

Use the AI photo extender to expand images
Change aspect ratios of images

Custom-fit your videos with our AI image extender

Pick the size or direction you want, and let Videoleap’s AI do the rest! Our AI outpainting takes your images beyond its original borders, so you change aspect ratios of images without cropping or stretching. The AI image expander makes sure the new parts match and complement your original’s look and feel, blending everything perfectly into one complete frame.

And here’s where it gets even cooler: with our custom prompt option, you can describe exactly what you want to see in the new area of your image. The AI then uses your description to generate an expanded area that matches your vision.

Get creative with the AI frame extender, for any project

AI Uncrop brings the creative world to your fingertips. Break free from photo limits with a canvas where your imagination can roam free for all kinds of creative projects! 

Create thumb-stopping ads, scale pictures for your socials, fit your personal memories into any format, and beyond with our photo expander!

Uncrop photos with AI

How to use AI image extender

How to use AI image extender
  • 1

    Upload an image

    Choose a photo or video you’d like to extend with AI.

  • 2

    Navigate to AI Uncrop

    Once your asset is in the timeline, tap on it to access the AI Uncrop tool.

  • 3

    Select your new size or direction

    Discover pre-defined sizes to expand your image or manually adjust.

  • 4

    Try custom prompts

    Describe the new area you want to create with the add prompt button.

  • 5

    Save and download

    Download your newly expanded video and share to your social platforms!

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AI Image Extender FAQ

What is an AI image extender?

An AI image extender is a cool tool that uses artificial intelligence to smartly expand the size of your image or video frame. It smartly autofills extra space in your images by generating content that matches the original style and context. Perfect for resizing images for social media, enhancing product photos, or just adding more to your visuals without losing any quality.

Can I use Videoleap’s image extender on photos and videos?

Absolutely! Whether you've got photos or videos, Videoleap's AI image extender can work its magic. For videos, it'll take a frame and expand it just like a photo, keeping everything looking smooth and seamless.

What are the benefits of using the AI image extender?

The big win with using our AI image extender is how it fills in the blanks. If something's missing from your shot, the AI can figure out what needs to go there to make your image look complete. You get to resize your image any way you like without losing the vibe of your original photo.

How do I expand my photo background with AI?

Just upload your image or video to Videoleap, pick the size or direction you want to expand, and let the AI do its magic. You can even get specific with what you want to add by using the custom expand option. It's super simple and really fun to see what the AI comes up with!

Is Videoleap’s image extender available on iPhone and Android?

Currently, AI Uncrop is exclusively available on iOS devices. Stay tuned for updates!

Is Videoleap’s AI image extender free?

Videoleap offers limited free uses of the AI image extender. To enjoy unlimited expansions and full access to all features, you can upgrade to Pro with a 7-day free trial.

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