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Ready to create a TikTok video that is thumb-stopping? Videoleap brings you an array of tools and features, from AI-powered effects to customizable templates, ensuring your TikTok content is not just seen, but remembered.

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  • Optimize instantly for TikTok’s video dimensions

    Effortlessly adapt your videos to TikTok's 9:16 aspect ratio with Videoleap's preset canvas sizes. Whether it’s a lip-syncing trend, a quick tutorial, or a fitness video, ensure your content fits perfectly on TikTok's platform, capturing every important detail.

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Find a trending TikTok template from our video editor

Begin with a trending TikTok video template

Find the perfect TikTok template for your next viral post tailored for every mood and trend - from business highlights to beauty tutorials. Discover thousands of eye-popping premade video templates ready-to-use for social media. Just add your assets and let Videoleap do the rest- no prior video editing experience required!

Make a TikTok video with interactive storytelling

Videoleap’s AI TikTok video editor tools allow you to create compelling TikTok videos that stop the scroll with an easy-to-use interface for all users.

Merge and trim videos, incorporate text, change video speed, and choose from hundreds of stunning and seamless transitions, video filters, and effects.

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Enrich your video with music and sound

Find the best soundtrack to grab your audience’s attention. Enhance your TikToks by putting audio on video with catchy music and sound effects from our extensive royalty-free library. On top of that, stay on the beat when you sync your audio and video with our Beats tool.

Whether it’s a catchy tune for your dance video or ambient music for your travel vlog, or even recording a voiceover, Videoleap’s TikTok video editor features help you set the right tone.

Create your next viral hit with mind-blowing AI

Transform your videos into extraordinary content with AI Effects you can’t find anywhere else. Videoleap’s AI Video Editor features enable you to create videos that ride the wave of TikTok trends and just stand out from the rest.

Discover features like AI Scenes, Anime, Cartoons, Infinite Zoom, and more. Keep engagement levels high and make your viewers want more with AI generated videos.

Discover AI Filters for your next TikTok video

How to make TikTok videos

How to make TikTok videos
  • 1

    Kickstart with a template

    Start by picking a TikTok template from Videoleap.

  • 2

    Insert and arrange your clips

    Add your video clips to the template. Line them up, trim as needed, and get the flow just right.

  • 3

    Fine-tune your creation

    Explore Videoleap's tools to adjust your clips. Tweak the speed, add some cool effects, or play around with our transition options to make your video pop.

  • 4

    Add the perfect soundtrack

    Choose from our library of music and sound effects to find the beat that fits your TikTok perfectly. Or, record a voiceover for that personal touch.

  • 5

    Share and go viral

    Once your video is ready, share it on TikTok. It might just be your next big hit!

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TikTok video editor FAQs

How to make a TikTok with multiple videos with Videoleap?

Easily combine multiple clips using our video merger feature. Trim and adjust each segment to create a seamless TikTok video.

How to make TikTok videos longer?

While TikTok allows recording up to 3 minutes within the app, users can upload longer videos of 10 mins. With Videoleap, create and edit 10-minute videos and upload them to TikTok.

How to make a TikTok with different scenes with Videoleap?

Create a multi-scene TikTok with ease. Merge different clips, add transitions, and tell a story that captivates with our video maker for TikTok tools.

How to make a TikTok video with pictures?

Add your own pictures easily to your TikTok videos using Videoleap. Additionally, you can use our AI image generator for unique visuals or browse our extensive stock library for the perfect image.

How to make high-quality TikTok videos with Videoleap?

With Videoleap, stunning, high-quality videos are in your control. Export your TikTok videos in various resolutions in up to 4K, ensuring your content stands out with exceptional clarity and detail.

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