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YouTube video editor and maker

Create standout videos for YouTube with an intuitive editor. Whether you’re filming intros, outros, or channel trailers, Videoleap has everything you need to tie your content into a captivating video and build your channel.

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  • Ready-to-go templates for every YouTube need

    Jump into video creation with ease using our vast collection of thousands of ready-made video templates.

    Whether it's for fun, brand boosting, or creating social media content at scale, we have a template for every occasion. 

    Our filters help you quickly find the perfect fit, considering the number of assets, orientation, aspect ratio, and video length.

    Just drag, drop, and swap in your own footage into the premade templates to make thumb-stopping content—no video editing skills required.

Use templates for YouTube to create standout content
Edit videos for YouTube with Videoleap’s stock library

Make YouTube videos with our vast music & stock asset library

Edit videos for YouTube with the perfect soundtrack from our Storyblocks music library or by uploading your own tracks. 

Additionally, our rich stock library offers everything you need to create eye-catching YouTube channel banners, thumbnails, and fully customize your videos with high quality, professional stock footage.

Plus, find Like, Subscribe, and Comment icons or gifs to boost viewer engagement and watch time.

Easy-to-use video editing tools for beginners to pro

Efficiency meets creativity with Videoleap's editing tools. Trim, merge, resize, reverse, flip, loop, and cut your videos to perfection with an easy-to-use interface.

Our streamlined workflow means you spend less time editing and more time creating content that keeps your channel buzzing with activity.

Discover easy & quick video editing tools for YouTube
Add text and effects to video

Engage with stop-scrolling effects and texts

Maximize your YouTube impact with Videoleap's dynamic effects from the video effects editor, text animations from our text video maker, and transitions.

These tools are designed to captivate your audience, keeping viewers engaged.

Utilize our editor to make YouTube one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your audience.

  • Templates for every use case

    Whether it's product reviews, tutorials, gym videos, or travel vlogs, Videoleap offers the perfect template for any niche or project.

    Our all-in-one platform makes it easy to find the right template for YouTube intros and outros, icons, thumbnails, and even video ads.

    Build a YouTube channel that turns viewers into subscribers with our easy-to-edit, fully customizable templates.

Create with Videoleap’s video templates for any use case

How to make YouTube videos

How to make YouTube videos
  • 1

    Upload your content

    Open Videoleap and start a new project. Upload your video clips, images, and audio files.

  • 2

    Choose a template

    Select from a variety of YouTube-ready templates.

  • 3

    Edit and customize

    Trim, merge, and edit your clips on the timeline. Add text, effects, and transitions to enhance your video.

  • 4

    Add music and sound

    Choose a track from Videoleap's music library or upload your own. Sync the music with your video for added impact.

  • 5

    Finalize and export

    Preview your video. Make final adjustments and export in your desired resolution, including 4K for high quality.

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YouTube Video Editor FAQ

How do you add music to a YouTube video?

In Videoleap’s editor, select the audio icon and then music, browse our royalty-free music library or upload your own track, and add it to your timeline. Adjust the placement and duration to sync with your video.

How do you make a YouTube video with pictures?

To create a YouTube video with pictures in Videoleap, start by uploading your images or selecting from our extensive stock library. You can also use the AI image generator for unique content. Choose a template or create from scratch, and arrange your images on the timeline. Add transitions, effects, and music to turn them into a captivating video.

What sizes are YouTube videos?

Videoleap offers a preset size (16:9) specifically optimized for YouTube, ensuring your videos fit perfectly on the platform. For the best quality, you can export your videos in either 1080p (Full HD) or 4K (Ultra HD) resolution. 

Is Videoleap’s YouTube video maker free?

While many tools are available for free, accessing all Pro tools unlocks even more creative possibilities. Try Videoleap Pro with a free 7-day trial and create professional YouTube clips with ease.

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