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Replace video backgrounds in seconds

Videoleap's AI background maker gives your e-commerce business a powerful and intuitive editing tool, enabling you to easily add or change video backgrounds. Create studio-quality backgrounds for product images and videos directly from your iOS device.

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*Currently available on iOS only
  • AI-generated backgrounds for quick and easy background replacement

    Remove and change video backgrounds in your content effortlessly. Whether it's a photo or a video up to 35 seconds, our AI-driven tool automatically handles complex backgrounds, providing a clean, professional look without any manual effort.

Change video backgrounds easily
Personalize backgrounds by AI photo editing background

Customize with the AI photo background generator

Choose from a variety of pre-designed or solid color backgrounds tailored for your product. Customize further by importing your AI generated background or selecting from our extensive library, ensuring every image aligns perfectly with your brand’s aesthetic.

Cost-effective studio quality

Skip the studio and green screen setups. The AI background creator lets you achieve outstanding visual content that looks like it was shot in a professional studio, saving you time and money while delivering compelling content that drives engagement and sales.

Get studio quality backgrounds with the ai bg generator
AI create backgrounds for e-commerce

Optimized for e-commerce

Designed with SMBs and marketplace sellers in mind, showcase your products in aesthetically appealing ways for use on social media, personal websites, ads, and online marketplaces. Repurpose existing content by experimenting with different background settings to attract more customers.

  • Enhance engagement across all channels

    Leverage the power of exceptional visuals to enhance social engagement. With Videoleap's AI background generator, your content isn't just seen—it's remembered.

    By creating eye-catching and professionally polished visuals, you increase the likelihood of engagement and shares, significantly boosting your social media presence and online interaction.

Elevate engagement on your social channels with new backgrounds

How to replace and change video backgrounds:

How to replace video background
  • 1

    Upload your asset

    Start by uploading your photo or video up to 35 seconds directly from your iOS device. Our technology will quickly analyze and remove the existing background.

  • 2

    Choose your new background

    Select from our curated backgrounds to match your product or upload your own for a custom look.

  • 3

    Export and share

    Once you're satisfied with the new background, export the enhanced photo or video. Ready to be shared on any platform, your visuals are now primed to make an impact.

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AI background generator FAQ

How can I change my video background?

You can change video background with Videoleap app. Our advanced AI tool allows you to seamlessly integrate new backdrops into your projects, transforming your videos with just a few taps.

Can I generate a background for my video with a custom prompt?

Yes, our AI background generator within the Videoleap app allows you to create custom backgrounds based on your specific prompts. Describe your vision, and our technology will craft a unique backdrop, enhancing your video with professional-looking visuals.

Is the background generator free?

The AI background generator is a feature of our Pro subscription, but you can start with a free 7-day trial to explore all its capabilities.

Can I change the background on my video or photo online?

Yes, the Videoleap app allows you to change backgrounds on both videos and photos. This feature is part of our comprehensive suite of editing tools, available directly on your iOS device, making it easy to create professional-quality content on the go.

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