Video Trimmer

Video trimmer 

Cut your videos, trim and split your clips. With Videoleap make every frame count with hassle-free video trimming!

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  • Trim videos to perfection

    Dive into efficient storytelling! Trim away to pinpoint the desired start and end of your videos, spotlighting those key moments and eliminating excess. 

Trim videos on iPhone and Android
Cut unwanted parts of your videos

Cut unwanted parts of your videos

Cut to the chase! Cutting lets you remove specific sections from anywhere in your clip, be it bloopers, awkward pauses, or any other unnecessary moments. 

With every cut, you’re refining your content, ensuring it's captivating from start to finish, and tying up every scene seamlessly. 

Split videos

Split videos into multiple parts so that you have the flexibility to work on individual sections or create a new video altogether. Add transitions, insert different clips in between, it’s all about creative freedom!

Split videos into frames
Trim videos for YouTube and more

Cut videos for your socials

Make sure all your videos are social media ready. Videoleap makes it super easy to share your trimmed clip and meet the video length limit of any social destination. 

Cut videos for Instagram, YouTube, Reels, TikToks, and more. From adjusting ratios to adding music, Videoleap is your one-stop solution for social media!

How to trim a video

  • 1

    Select your video

    Open the Videoleap app and tap on the video you want to trim.

  • 2

    Adjust the timeline

    You have two options to select the trimming point: Tap and drag the timeline to adjust the video to the desired start and end points. The video is automatically cut once you release the timeline. Position the red line to the exact spot where you want to make a cut.

  • 3

    Remove the unwanted section

    If you used the red line to cut, click on the icon and then "Remove" to discard the unwanted part of the video.

  • 4

    Save or continue editing

    Once you’ve trimmed the video, you can either save the changes or continue editing with other Videoleap features.

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Video trimmer FAQ

How to trim a video?

In Videoleap, select your video, then either adjust the timeline or position the red line at your desired cut point. If using the red line, click 'Remove'; otherwise, adjusting the timeline will automatically cut the video.

How to shorten a video on an iPhone?

To trim a video on iPhone, open Videoleap, select the video, adjust the timeline or position the red line at the cut point, and then save the shortened video.

How to trim videos on an Android?

Open up the Videoleap app on your Android and dive into our video trimmer capabilities! Select the video you’re working on, slide around the timeline or position the red line to cut, and then hit save.

How to cut out parts of a video?

Use the Videoleap app to cut and edit videos. Select the video, position the timeline or the red line to cut out unwanted parts, and save your edited video.

How to trim the middle of a video on an iPhone?

To trim the middle of a video on an iPhone, tap on your video and use the red line to precisely cut specific parts, and then save your edited video.

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