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Create engaging, custom intros for your YouTube videos with Videoleap's intuitive YouTube intro creator AI tools. Perfect for channel trailers, vlogs, and more, our tools make it simple to captivate your audience right from the start.

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  • Craft compelling YouTube intros easily with templates

    Jump-start your YouTube videos with eye-catching intros. Choose from our extensive collection of ready-made templates tailored for various themes and occasions.

    Whether you're aiming to boost your brand or enhance your social media presence, Videoleap has the perfect intro to set the tone for your content.

Choose a Custom Youtube Intro with Videoleap
Customize Your YouTube Intro with Music & Sound Effects

Add intro music for YouTube with our rich media library

Dive into our vast library of stock music and sound effects to add music or voiceover to video. Or, browse for stock images and video clips in which you can discover Plus, find Like, Subscribe, and Comment icons or gifs.​​

From dynamic soundtracks to eye-catching visuals, everything you need is at your fingertips to make intro videos that resonate with your audience, encourage subscriptions, and increase engagement.

Create custom YouTube intros with editing tools for all skill levels

Designed for both beginners and pros, our YouTube video editor simplifies the video-making process. Trim, merge, resize, reverse, flip, loop your videos with ease.

Our intuitive interface ensures you can edit YouTube intros quickly and smoothly, letting you focus on creating content rather than spending time editing.

Create a custom YouTube intro with Videoleap’s editing tools
Use Videoleap to make your YouTube Intro Video

Dynamic effects to grab attention

Utilize Videoleap's wide range of text animations, video effects, and transitions to make your intros stand out. Capture your audience's attention from the first second and keep them engaged with intros that promise exciting content to follow.

  • Optimized for YouTube and beyond

    Our YouTube Intro Maker is designed with social media in mind, offering preset sizes and formats specifically optimized for YouTube and other platforms.

    Ensure your intros look flawless wherever they're viewed, from YouTube channel trailers to Instagram Reels and TikTok videos.

Make an intro video to fit all media channels

How to make an intro for YouTube

How to create a Youtube intro
  • 1

    Select your template

    Start with one of our professionally designed templates.

  • 2


    Add your media, tweak text, and personalize.

  • 3


    Choose from our effects and music library to add that extra flair.

  • 4


    Finalize your intro and export in high resolution, ready to make its YouTube debut.

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YouTube intro maker FAQ

How long should my YouTube video intro be?

Keep it short and sweet! A YouTube video intro should ideally be between 5 to 10 seconds. This duration is enough to capture your audience's attention without delaying the main content.

How to add an intro to a video?

With Videoleap, adding an intro is easy. Simply choose your preferred intro template or start from scratch, customize it with your content, and then add it to the beginning of your video timeline. Our intuitive tools ensure a seamless merge with the rest of your content.

Why is the intro important for a YouTube video?

An engaging intro sets the tone for your video, grabs attention, and builds your brand identity. It's your first impression, making it crucial for turning viewers into loyal subscribers and signaling the quality content to follow.

Can I find the Youtube intro maker online?

Yes, you can find some YouTube intro maker tools online. For access to all features, visit our app.

Is it free to make videos for YouTube with Videoleap?

Yes! Videoleap offers a range of free tools and templates perfect for crafting your YouTube intros. For more advanced features and access to our entire asset library, you can explore Videoleap Pro with a free 7-day trial.

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