Remove background noise from videos easily

Struggling with distracting sounds in your footage? Learn how to remove ambient noise from video easily and highlight the sounds that matter with Videoleap's AI background noise removal tool.

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*Currently available on iOS only
  • Remove background noise in videos

    Experience pristine audio in your videos like never before with Videoleap's Denoise, the ultimate AI audio noise reduction tool. Our cutting-edge AI software automatically detects and eliminates unwanted noise from your recordings, helping you get rid of background noise in video and deliver crystal-clear sound quality.

    It's your go-to solution for cleaning up video and audio captured in less-than-ideal conditions!

Use video noise reduction in your videos
Clean up sound on video for content creators and influencers

Clean up audio in videos for e-commerce

Videoleap's Denoise enhances your e-commerce videos, ensuring product demos and customer testimonials stand out, even in bustling environments like noisy warehouses or crowded stores.

By removing distracting background noise, it not only makes every feature and praise crystal clear but also boosts your brand's professionalism and trust.

Enhance education and social videos

Create engaging workshops, tutorials, and brand stories with Denoise. Whether in a workshop or online, ensure your educational content and social media storytelling are heard clearly, making your message resonate more powerfully with your audience.

Create educational videos that are heard clearly
Get rid of background noise in video

Clear audio for all creators

Creators, influencers, vloggers, and communicators can enhance their audio, whether for podcasts, interviews, or innovative content like ASMR. Achieve the polish of professional audio equipment with just a few taps.

  • Beyond noise removal: Elevate your audio

    Transform your video's audio beyond just eliminating background noise. Swap out unwanted sounds for better fitting tracks from our vast library of royalty-free music and effects. Add voiceovers and add subtitles to your videos to personalize and enhance viewer engagement.

    And, with our intuitive interface, rearranging audio  is effortless, ensuring your project progresses smoothly from start to finish for an unparalleled viewer experience.

Clean up audio in your videos

How to remove background noise from video?

How to take background noise out of video
  • 1

    Upload video

    Open Videoleap and import your clip.

  • 2

    Head to Denoise

    Tap 'Audio', select 'Denoise', and let Videoleap clean the audio.

  • 3


    Upload your polished video to socials, or use it for business or personal projects, enjoying crystal-clear audio that enhances every message.

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Denoise FAQ

How does the video noise filter work on Videoleap?

Videoleap's video noise filter leverages advanced AI technology to automatically detect and eliminate unwanted background noises from your videos. This AI audio noise reduction tool smartly differentiates between the main audio content and background disturbances, ensuring only the clearest sound is preserved.

Can I remove background noise from a video for free?

Videoleap offers a trial period where you can experience the full capabilities of our AI background noise removal feature for free. After the trial, continued access to Denoise and other premium features requires a subscription.

How to clean up audio in a video?

Cleaning up audio in a video with Videoleap is straightforward:

1. Open your video in Videoleap’s video editor.
2. Select 'Audio' and then choose 'Denoise'.
3. Watch as Videoleap effortlessly filters out background noise.

Can I reduce the background noise from both iPhone or Android?

Videoleap's Denoise feature is currently available exclusively for iOS devices. While we are always working to expand our services, Android compatibility for the Denoise feature is not yet available. Stay tuned for future updates on this!

Can I remove the background noise from my TikTok video?

Absolutely! With Videoleap, you can remove background noise from your TikTok videos, making your content stand out with crystal-clear audio. Simply import your TikTok video into Videoleap, use the Denoise feature to clean up the audio, and export the video back to your device ready for uploading.

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