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The ultimate free AI video editor

With Videoleap's AI Editor, creating professional-grade videos is now quicker and easier than ever. Instantly transform your ideas into standout videos, fast-tracking your content creation process without the need for advanced editing skills.

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Available on iOS/Android
  • Instant AI-powered video editing with Videoleap

    Create custom, captivating videos in seconds with text-to-video editing. Describe your ideas, and let the AI instantly combine and transform your assets into fully edited videos. 

    Experience the magic as it auto-creates a video with tailored music, vibrant filters, and seamless transitions, all matching the theme and vibe you envision.

    This streamlined process empowers you to post more regularly, ensuring your content always feels fresh and engaging.

Create videos in seconds with AI video editing
Use AI video templates and never run out of content ideas

Boost your content strategy with AI video templates

Never run out of ideas with Videoleap’s extensive template library. Our mind-blowing AI templates are designed to inspire and facilitate quick content creation, ensuring you always have fresh videos to share.

Scale content creation with AI video editing tools

Take advantage of Videoleap’s AI video editing software to fast-track your video creation.

Save time and effort on complex tasks as our AI does the heavy lifting, from removing objects from video without a trace to even expanding your visuals beyond their original borders with the AI Image Extender.

Edit videos with AI
AI video templates and presets

Transform your video style with AI video effects

Make videos that truly pop. Use incredible AI effects on images and videos or try our custom prompts to create your own.

Turn yourself into fun AI avatars, transport yourself to different worlds, explore the infinite possibilities outside of your images and videos with Infinite Zoom, and more.

  • Comprehensive engagement tools

    Maximize reach and engagement with AI video editor tools designed for clarity and creativity.

    The AI Subtitle Generator can broaden your audience by making videos accessible to all and capture attention, while our AI Voice Changer is perfect for creating consistent voice-overs in advertising or adding unique twists to your video content.

Boost engagement with AI tools for video editing

AI video editing features

Replace video backgrounds with Videoleap

AI Background Generator

Effortlessly replace the background of a video with Videoleap's AI-powered, intuitive editing tool.

Available on iOS only
 Clean up audio in video with Denoise

Remove background noise from video

Enhance video clarity with AI audio noise reduction—crystal-clear sound in every clip.

Generator images with our AI image generator from text

AI Text To Image Generator

Visualize any concept, describe it in words, and watch our AI generator bring your vision to life instantly!

Available on iOS only
Expand images beyond their original frames

AI Image Extender

Extend your imagination and your photos and videos beyond their original frames with the AI image expander.

Create videos with the AI voice modulator

AI Voice Changer

Swap and change voices in songs or clips with your own using AI to create personalized, engaging content.

Create AI Infinite Zoom videos from single frames

AI Infinite Zoom

Explore the infinite possibilities outside of your images or videos! Create infinite zoom videos from a single frame.

Use our AI video generator to create incredible AI effects

AI Video Effects

Use incredible AI video effects on images and videos or try custom prompts to create your own!

How to edit videos with AI:

How to edit videos with AI
  • 1

    Start with AI

    Choose the AI Editor for guided video creation or select an AI feature for specific tweaks.

  • 2

    Upload and describe

    Upload your media. If using the AI Editor, briefly describe your video goal.

  • 3

    AI magic

    Let the AI craft your video, either fully edited via the AI Editor or enhanced through individual AI tools.

  • 4

    Share your video

    Effortlessly share your AI-enhanced video on social media or your business channels.

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AI video editor FAQ

What can you What is AI video editing?use an AI image generator for?

AI video editing supercharges your video-making process! Using artificial intelligence, we make your editing creations faster and more efficient. Imagine blurring or removing backgrounds, enhancing aesthetics, and applying mind-blowing presets—all done with the power of AI. It's standout content creation, minus the hassle!

Is Videoleap’s AI Video Editor free to use?

Yes! We do offer free AI video editing tools. But note, our free version does have its limits. To unlock the ultimate AI video editing experience, consider upgrading to our premium tier!

Can I use the AI Video Editor online?

You bet! But only our AI video effects are available online.

Can AI make videos?

Absolutely! With our AI video generator, you guide the process. Provide your assets, set your direction, and let AI weave its magic to craft your video.

Create content like never before

From an intuitive editor to premade templates, experience seamless video creation like never before.