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    Hop on trends fast with our vast selection of premade Instagram Reels templates. Choose from thousands of video templates ready-to-use for social media to create Reels in seconds.

    Just add your assets and let Videoleap do the rest -
    no video editing experience required.

Create & Edit Instagram Reels

Create engaging Reels for any occasion

Turn life’s highlights into engaging Reels using our Reel editor app. From travel adventures, celebrating special moments, to recaps, find everything you need to create compelling video content for every moment.

Discover Instagram Reels ideas for your business

Make business Instagram Reels to boost your brand. Whether spotlighting real estate listings, unveiling fashion collections, or promoting health and fitness products, find the perfect template made for any industry.

Enhance your social media presence with professional and impactful video content.

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Add Music To Reels

Elevate your Reels:
add music & text

Add background music and sound effects to your Instagram Reels with our extensive library of
royalty-free music or add your own tracks!

Coupled with 100+ trendy text options, sync captions to the beat to tell your story clearly and engagingly.

How to make an Instagram Reel on Videoleap using templates:

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    Choose a template

    Pick a template from our library that truly resonates with you.

  • 2

    Insert your clips

    Seamlessly integrate your own footage into the template.

  • 3

    Create & share!

    Transform your edits into a fast, effortless, and professional Reel for the world to see!

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Reels FAQ

Is Videoleap’s Reel maker free to use?

Yes, you can enjoy making free Instagram Reels on Videoleap with a 7-day trial and cancel anytime.

How to make Reels with existing videos?

Turn your long-form videos into Reels easily with our video editor. Once you’ve uploaded your clips to Videoleap, you can crop or split them before merging them. Remember to select the most captivating parts of your video clips to fit within the time frame.

How long can an Instagram Reel be?

The length of an Instagram Reel can range from 15 to 90 seconds in length.

Can you make Reels on a desktop?

Yes, with Videoleap you can make Instagram Reels from your computer! Simply upload your existing videos, and utilize our intuitive editing tools to trim, crop, and optimize your clips for Instagram Reels.

Can you make a Reel with photos?

Absolutely! With Videoleap, creating a Reel using photos is simple and efficient. Our intuitive platform allows users to compile multiple photos into a captivating Reel. Adjust the duration, add transitions, and even layer in music or text for a complete and engaging Reel experience.

Create content like never before

From an intuitive editor to premade templates, experience seamless video creation like never before.