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With Videoleap achieve a “video looper” effect to repeat your videos multiple times in a row. Create mesmerizing loop video content in seconds.

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  • Easy-to-use video looping app

    With Videoleap, creating an infinite loop video is straightforward and efficient. Just tap on your video clip and duplicate it multiple times. This allows you to play the video on loop, emphasizing its key moments seamlessly.

    Need to repeat video segments? We ensure smooth repetition for maximum impact. Whether replaying favorite highlights or reinforcing specific content to underscore a message, Videoleap is your go-to solution.

Enhance Your Looped Videos
  • Enhance your looped videos with Videoleap’s effects

    Further enhance your looped videos with Videoleap’s intuitive editor. Play videos on loop enriched with music and sound effects, or make videos repeat with cinematic flair using standout effects and trendy font overlays. Then share your looped content to captivate on social platforms and beyond!

How to loop a video on Videoleap?

  • 1

    Begin by uploading your desired clip to Videoleap.

  • 2

    Simply tap on your video clip on the timeline. You'll be presented with the "duplicate" option. Choose it as many times as desired to create the loop effect.

  • 3

    Dive into other Videoleap tools and features to further customize and enhance your looped video.

  • 4

    Once satisfied, finalize your edits and share your captivating looped video on your desired platform! 

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Loop videos FAQ

Can I loop a video with no watermark on Videoleap?

If you're a subscriber of Videoleap, you can loop videos without any watermarks. For non-subscribers, the Videoleap watermark will be present upon export. Consider subscribing to enjoy all Pro features, including watermark-free videos. We even offer a 7-day free trial!

How do I loop a video on an iPhone?

Open Videoleap on your iPhone. Upload the video you'd like to loop. Once uploaded, simply tap on your video clip and choose the "duplicate" option to make the video loop. Repeat as many times as needed. With these simple steps, you can easily loop videos on your iPhone and make your content more engaging!

Does looping a video increase views?

Looping a clip, whether it's an Instagram loop video or looping TikTok content, doesn't directly increase the view count. Instead, "looping" refers to continuously replaying a clip or video segment. While looping can enhance the viewing experience and make viewers watch multiple times, the actual number of views a video gets is mostly influenced by its content quality, relevance, promotion, and overall audience engagement. 

Can I loop videos for free with Videoleap?

Yes, with Videoleap's free video loop maker, you can easily create looped videos without any cost. 

Does the quality of the video remain the same when looped?

Absolutely! When you loop your video using Videoleap, the quality of your looping visuals remains intact. Our loop video editor app ensures that every repetition maintains the original video's clarity and resolution.

Can I loop my videos online with Videoleap?

Currently, Videoleap does not offer an online tool for looping videos. We recommend using the Videoleap app for this feature.

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