Audio Cutter Tool

Audio cutter & trimmer

Trim, cut or split any audio with our audio cutting capabilities. Videoleap allows you to edit and cut music for your videos in an instant.

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  • Cut or trim audio files & recordings

    With Videoleap, seamlessly split audio, crop audio, or combine tracks. Further enhance by adjusting volumes or adding fade ins and outs with our intuitive audio clipper capabilities.

    Use our reliable voice cutter for any use case from trimming voiceover recordings to editing the background music of a video. Videoleap app offers the flexibility to rearrange audio files on your timeline effortlessly.

Audio Trimming Software
Cut Or Trim Audio From Videos
  • Sound cutter: tailor every audio detail

    Using Videoleap's robust sound cutter tools, effortlessly cut sounds from video or extract your favorite tunes with our song cutter.

    Whether you're looking to trim a song to fit perfectly into your video or want to cut audio from videos to create the perfect ringtone, our music cutter functionality has you covered.

How to cut audio with Videoleap?

How to cut audio on videos
  • 1

    Upload your video

    Choose the video you wish to work with.

  • 2

    Navigate to audio

    Once your file is loaded, tap on the "Audio" or option in the toolbar.

  • 3

    Trim, cut, or split

    Use the visual timeline to select the portion of the audio you wish to keep. Drag the sliders to your desired start and end to remove the unwanted sections.

  • 4

    Finalize & export

    After making your desired audio edits, download the edited video to your device or share it to your desired platform.

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Remove Background Noise

Remove and change your video’s background in one click with Videoleap’s Cutout Tool.

Remove background noise from video

Enhance video clarity with AI audio noise reduction—crystal-clear sound in every clip.

Audio cutter

Slice and fine-tune your sounds. Cut music from video to perfect every beat for a pitch-perfect video narrative.

Add music to video

Create the perfect audio landscape. Put audio to video using our extensive royalty-free library or your own tracks.

Remove Audio From Video

Wave goodbye to unwanted sounds and music in your videos! Mute your video clips instantly.

Audio Cutter FAQ

Why should you cut audio?

Cutting audio allows you to craft content that's engaging and tailor-made for your audience. With Videoleap's audio cutter and joiner, you can edit audio clips, remove unwanted sections, or combine multiple snippets to create a harmonious audio experience and elevate the overall quality and impact of your content.

What audio file formats are supported on Videoleap’s audio cutter app?

You can cut audio files effortlessly with Videoleap. We support a wide range of formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, and M4A.

Is Videoleap’s audio trimming software free to use?

Videoleap offers basic audio trimming functionalities like cutting music for free on an existing video with music or sounds. However, if you're aiming to elevate your content by adding music and effects from our extensive Storyblocks library, an upgrade to our Pro subscription would be required.

How do I use Videoleap’s audio cutter capabilities?

First, add your media into our audio trim app. Next, tap on the "audio" option where you can choose from music, sound effects, voiceover, or adjust any existing audio in your file. Whether you're looking to cut recordings, music tracks, or any other sound file, the "extract" feature is your go-to. Arrange your audio clips on the timeline and polish your edits with features like fade ins and outs.

Can I use Videoleap to trim and cut MP3s?

Absolutely! Videoleap is equipped with a robust MP3 audio cutter that lets you crop, trim, and fine-tune your MP3 files to perfection.

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