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Add eye-catching effects to your content. Easily flip any video horizontally or vertically with Videoleap’s video flipper.

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*Currently available on iOS only
  • Get the perfect orientation with a flipped video

    Sometimes the world looks better from a different angle. With Videoleap’s video flipper tool, instantly turn your videos upside down or right-side up with just one tap.

    Rotate your video 180 degrees horizontally or vertically. Whether you're correcting a mistakenly upside-down clip or aiming for a fresh perspective in your content, our tool makes it effortless.

Flip any video horizontally or vertically
Mirror videos horizontally or vertically

Mirror videos horizontally or vertically

Reflect your video horizontally or vertically to create symmetrical effects or to correct orientation mishaps. Ideal for artistic projects or just adding that extra flair to your content, mirroring offers a new dimension to your storytelling.

Social media ready

Whether it's for a TikTok trend, an Instagram story, or a YouTube vlog, flipping or mirroring your videos can give them a unique edge.

Videoleap ensures your content is not just seen but remembered, offering you the tools to make your videos stand out in the crowded world of social media.

Flip your videos for social media

How to flip a video

How To Flip Video
  • 1

    Open Videoleap

    Launch the Videoleap app on your device.

  • 2

    Upload your video

    Choose the video you want to edit from your gallery.

  • 3

    Tap on the video in the timeline

    Once your video appears on the timeline, tap it to access the editing tools.

  • 4

    Access ‘Transform’

    Find and tap the 'Transform' icon, then select the 'Flip' option to flip your video upside-down.

  • 5

    Save and share

    After flipping, download your edited video or share it directly to your social platforms.

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Video flipper FAQ

Is Videoleap’s video flipper free?

Yes, Videoleap’s flip tool is free to use.

Can I flip or mirror a video without losing quality?

Yes! Videoleap is designed to maintain the highest quality during the editing process, so your flipped or mirrored videos look just as good as the originals.

What file formats can I use with Videoleap’s flip and mirror tools?

We support a wide range of video formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and more, ensuring compatibility and convenience.

Is it possible to flip videos shot on my iPhone?

Videoleap works seamlessly across devices, including iPhones. Flip or mirror your mobile-shot videos with ease.

What does it mean to flip a video?

Flipping a video means changing its orientation, either turning it upside down or rotating it sideways. It's a simple yet effective way to correct orientation issues or add a creative angle to your content.

How do I flip a video using Videoleap?

Simply upload your video to Videoleap, select it on the timeline, and choose the Flip option. Your video will be transformed in an instant.

Can I mirror flip a video for a unique effect?

Absolutely! With our Mirror Tool, you can create a mirrored effect on your video, either horizontally or vertically.

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