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The mind-blowing AI video generator

Get creative with your videos with AI video effects! Choose from a variety of filters or try your own custom prompts to create standout video content in just a tap.

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  • AI-driven video transformations

    Transform the styles of your videos with the magic of AI Effects. Use incredible AI filters on images and videos. Try custom prompts to create your own looks using Videoleap’s cutting-edge AI! 

    As well, check out hundreds of mind-blowing AI templates that you can create using your own assets available after downloading the Videoleap app.

Text to Video Effects Generator
Create AI Selfies with AI Video Generator
  • Create AI generated video selfies

    Transform into anything! From anime and comics to gaming, with our AI avatar video generator, pick from a selection of styles, watch yourself turn into fun AI avatars and step into the shoes of new virtual personas.

Create AI video scenes

Switch up landscapes & interiors! Transport yourself to different worlds by turning ordinary scenes to extraordinary creations in just a tap.

Create AI video scenes
Create anime art with Videoleap’s AI video generator

    AI anime art generator

    Step into the world of anime with our AI anime video generator. Transform yourself and scenes in the style of your favorite anime. From chibi to shōnen, embrace Videoleap’s generative ai video capabilities where the only limit is your imagination.

    How to make AI generated videos?

    • 1

      Start with a clip

      Begin by uploading a video 10 seconds or less.

    • 2

      Choose your effect

      Navigate through a huge selection of AI Effects including AI Selfies, AI Anime, AI Cartoons, and AI Gaming.

    • 3

      Select or customize

      Pick a filter or write your own prompt to create your own.

    • 4

      Showcase your magic

      Share your AI video to your socials to inspire others.

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    AI Background Generator

    Effortlessly replace the background of a video with Videoleap's AI-powered, intuitive editing tool.

    AI Image Extender

    Extend your imagination and your photos and videos beyond their original frames with the AI image expander.

    AI Voice Changer

    Swap and change voices in songs or clips with your own using AI to create personalized, engaging content.

    Video templates

    Discover thousands of premade video templates ready-to-go for social media. Add your assets and let us do the rest!

    AI Infinite Zoom

    Explore the infinite possibilities outside of your images or videos! Create infinite zoom videos from a single frame.

    AI Video Effects

    Use incredible AI video effects on images and videos or try custom prompts to create your own!

    AI video effects generator FAQ

    How to make an AI video?

    Using Videoleap’s cutting-edge AI video maker, simply upload your clip, navigate through the AI Effects, choose from our wide range of filters or use custom prompts. Then share your mind-blowing creations for the world to see!

    How to create animated videos with AI?

    With Videoleap's AI animation video generator, creating animated videos is a breeze. Within AI Effects, you'll find fun effects like AI Selfies, AI Scenes, AI Anime, AI Comics, AI Cartoons, and you can always opt for custom prompts. Just select your preference and let the AI transform your videos into engaging animated videos.

    How to make AI video art?

    With Videoleap’s AI art video generator, simply upload your footage and let our AI turn it into captivating video art.

    How many AI generated videos can I generate with Videoleap?

    With Videoleap's AI video generator, free users have daily limitations on the number of video generations. For unlimited video creations and access to more features, consider upgrading to our Pro subscription, which comes with a 7-day free trial.

    Is Videoleap’s AI video generator free?

    Yes, Videoleap provides a free AI video generator with daily limitations on video generations for free users. To enjoy unlimited video generations and full access to advanced features, consider upgrading to our Pro subscription, available with a 7-day free trial.

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