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Instantly rewind any video with Videoleap's Reverse tool, making it easy to create compelling content in just a tap!

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  • Play your video backwards

    Create an eye-catching effect for your content by playing videos backwards.

    Whether you want to unveil hidden messages, showcase a sports move from a different angle, or simply add a twist to your social media posts, explore a realm of creative possibilities.

Play videos backwards
Video reverser tool

Combine the video reverser tool with other features!

While reversing your video, seamlessly combine this captivating effect with Videoleap's suite of editing tools. Trim your clips, mute the original audio and layer with music or sound effects, add text, and so much more. 

The ultimate app for video reversing

Whether you want to reverse a video on your iPhone or Android device, Videoleap has you covered. Our video reverse is tailored for both platforms, ensuring smooth editing experiences for all.

Reverse videos on iPhone and Android

How to reverse a video

  • 1

    Upload your video

    Upload the desired clip directly from your device. 

  • 2

    Select and reverse

    Once your video is uploaded, select the video and scroll along the toolbar at the bottom. Locate and click on the "Reverse" option to play your video backwards.

  • 3

    Download and share

    After reversing, simply download your video to your device and share it across your preferred social media platforms.

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Reverse video FAQ

How to reverse a video on iPhone?

With Videoleap, reversing a video on your iPhone is a breeze. Simply upload your video, locate the 'Reverse' tool, and transform your content in a tap! 

How to reverse a video on Android?

Reversing videos on Android devices is simple. Upload your video to Videoleap, select the 'Reverse' tool, and watch as your video instantly begins to play in reverse. 

How easy will it be to reverse my video?

Incredibly easy! Videoleap is designed with user-friendliness in mind. In just a tap, you can reverse any video effortlessly, no matter the device you're using. 

Can I rewind a video and apply other effects too?

Absolutely! After you rewind your video, you can further enhance your video by adding text, incorporating sound effects, and much more. With Videoleap, you're in full creative control.

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