When is the best time to post videos on Instagram

Getting your brand on Instragram is crucial. Learn about the best time to post your videos on Instagram.

Instagram’s popularity for mobile video today is unquestioned, which is why it is crucial to know when is the best time to publish videos on Instagram.

The social media app recently surpassed 1 billion monthly active users, and nearly 500 million users are active every day. Marketers have certainly noticed and have emphasized video ads as the best way to reach audiences on the platform.

Instagram has been shown to have nearly 58 times better engagement per follower than Facebook, and video success is also on the rise.

Video is an underrated method for small business to compete with bigger businesses. In addition to nailing the technical aspects such as the correct video format for Instagram, it is also vital to know when is the best moment to post your videos, as this is vital in ensuring that you can get the broadest exposure, and allow you to engage consumers more effectively.

Before going on, let’s examine how users engage with content on Instagram:

When is the most active time on Instagram?

  • Generally, Mondays and Thursdays are be the best days to post, with any time other than 3pm to 4pm being a good time.
  • Posting slightly before people are on their phones and on the go is smart, with some studies showing that Thursdays and Fridays at 5am tend to be great for post engagement.
  • A Hubspot study found that the period of most consistent engagement is weekdays between 2pm and 5pm.

Even so, video does have some specific considerations you should keep in mind when choosing your posting schedule:

Best time to share your Instagram video in 2022:

  • Even though day time posts generally gain more engagement, videos are more popular at night time, between 9pm and 8am, when people are home and have more free time.
  • Times when people are on breaks from work also have high engagement rates for video. Between 11am and 1pm, when most people are at lunch, or 7pm and 9pm, just after people have left work are great times to upload fresh videos.

Reach your audiences at the best time and make sure your Instagram videos have the highest engagement possible when you upload content at the perfect time.

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