Hot trends alert: AI Selfie and AI Transform quick edits!
Hot trends alert: AI Selfie and AI Transform quick edits!
Hot trends alert: AI Selfie and AI Transform quick edits!
Hot trends alert: AI Selfie and AI Transform quick edits!
New Features Alert: AI Scenes + D&D Avatars
New Features Alert: AI Scenes + D&D Avatars
New Features Alert: AI Scenes + D&D Avatars
New Features Alert: AI Scenes + D&D Avatars
New Features Alert: AI Scenes + D&D Avatars
New Features Alert: AI Scenes + D&D Avatars
New Features Alert: AI Scenes + D&D Avatars

Your go-to video editor to create standout content

Experience seamless video creation with our intuitive editor, premade templates, and AI tools. Make content like never before with Videoleap.

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  • A powerful and easy video editor

    Discover the power of our easy video maker, the perfect bridge between imagination and video creation.

    With our platform available online and as an iPhone and Android video editor app, get access to hundreds of professional tools including video effects, filters, transitions, and more.

Make videos for social media

Videoleap simplifies social media video creation. Start from scratch or with a trending template and create impactful videos.

From promotional and tutorial content to viral TikToks, Reels, and YouTube Shorts, engage your audience, enhance sales, promote new collections, and more.

AI Infinite Zoom

Explore the infinite possibilities outside of your pictures! Create infinite zoom videos from a single image.

Access the latest AI tools

Take advantage of our full AI video editor by streamlining video creation and transforming the styles of your videos into extraordinary content.

AI Video Effects

Use incredible AI presets on images and videos or try our custom prompts to create your own!

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Premade AI templates

Remake hundreds of mind-blowing AI templates with your own assets or share your own to inspire others.

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Remove objects from video with AI

Click your way to cleaner, more focused content. Erase distractions and unwanted objects from your videos in seconds.

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Learn more about the ultimate 
AI video editor

Choose from a variety of AI video filters and editing tools to create standout video content in just a tap using Videoleap’s cutting-edge AI.

Explore our AI Video Editor

Trim videos

Get right to the good stuff. Trim your clips to get the just right moment you want to highlight.

Add text to video

Speak volumes with our text video maker. Add subtitles, captions, and more to tell your story clearly.

Remove background from video

Swap or erase video backgrounds. From green screens to dream scenes, remove backgrounds from videos easily.

AI Voice Changer

Swap and change voices in songs or clips with your own using AI to create personalized, engaging content.

Remove object from video

Wave goodbye to photobombers and distractions. Remove unwanted objects from video with AI.

Audio cutter

Slice and fine-tune your sounds. Cut music from video to perfect every beat for a pitch-perfect video narrative.

AI Infinite Zoom

Explore the infinite possibilities outside of your images or videos! Create infinite zoom videos from a single frame.

AI Text To Image Generator

Visualize any concept, describe it in words, and watch our AI generator bring your vision to life instantly!

AI Background Generator

Effortlessly replace the background of a video with Videoleap's AI-powered, intuitive editing tool.

Blur videos

Draw attention to what matters. Enhance your content by adding blur to video for a cinematic effect.

Remove background noise from video

Enhance video clarity with AI audio noise reduction—crystal-clear sound in every clip.

Change video speed

Speed up the action or slow down for dramatic effects—you control the pace.

Remove Background Noise

Remove and change your video’s background in one click with Videoleap’s Cutout Tool.

Add music to video

Create the perfect audio landscape. Put audio to video using our extensive royalty-free library or your own tracks.

Flip Videos

Easily flip videos horizontally or vertically for that perfect alignment.

Slideshow Maker

Turn your photos into meaningful stories. Create your own slideshows with text, effects, and music with Videoleap app. No video editing experience needed.

Video effects

Add video effects such as glitches, rays, flares, and more to bring your content to life!

Reverse videos

Rewind your footage with ease. Our video reverser makes time flow backward for creative effects.

Add subtitles to video

Add captions to your videos with the AI subtitle generator, boosting viewer engagement and accessibility in one go.

Video filters

Set the mood you want in a snap. Add filters to video for quick and easy customization.

AI Image Extender

Extend your imagination and your photos and videos beyond their original frames with the AI image expander.

Merge videos

Tie a complete, seamless story together! Combine videos and photos in one go.

Loop videos

Endless entertainment at your fingertips. Our video looper capabilities repeat your best moments, seamlessly.

Video templates

Discover thousands of premade video templates ready-to-go for social media. Add your assets and let us do the rest!

AI Video Effects

Use incredible AI video effects on images and videos or try custom prompts to create your own!

Remove Audio From Video

Wave goodbye to unwanted sounds and music in your videos! Mute your video clips instantly.

Resize video

Fit your video in any frame. Our video resizer adjusts size perfectly for any platform or purpose.

Try ready-to-use video templates

Access Videoleap’s vast selection of ready-made templates, designed for social media and every industry. Simply add your assets and let us handle the rest!

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template inspiration

template inspiration

One video editor for every need

Expand your skills, catch the latest trends, and get inspired

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Promo video templates with Videoleap

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Subtitles in videos with Videoleap

How to insert subtitles in videos: Create engaging content with Videoleap

Maximize your video's impact and reach by learning how to seamlessly add subtitles using Videoleap's intuitive AI-powered Captions tool.

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