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Effortlessly add captions to your videos with Videoleap’s AI subtitle generator, boosting viewer engagement and accessibility in one go.

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  • AI subtitle generator: Free and easy subtitling

    Our tool is seamlessly accessible and completely free, ensuring the addition of professional-looking subtitles is straightforward.

    Amplify your message and extend your reach to every viewer with just a few steps. Auto generate subtitles to make your content more accessible and enjoyable, even on mute, captivating more viewers.

Generate subtitles automatically with Videoleap
Add auto subtitles to boost engagement

Apply subtitles to videos & engage your audience

Transform the way viewers interact with your content. Videoleap's automatic captions not only make your videos more inclusive but significantly boost engagement. Highlight crucial messages, improve CTA clickthrough rates, and keep your audience hooked till the end. Generating captions for videos ensure your content captures attention and retains it, elevating the overall viewer experience on every social media platform.

Match subtitles to your brand

Tailor every aspect of your subtitles to perfectly match your brand's identity. With Videoleap’s video caption tool, you gain the flexibility to customize subtitles to resonate with your brand’s tone, from fonts and colors to text effects.

Make your content not just seen, but felt, reinforcing your brand's message and aesthetic with every word displayed.

Match subtitles for videos to your brand
Choose Your Video Subtitle Placement with Videoleap

Strategic placement for maximum impact

With Videoleap, you're in control of where to put captions on your videos, making sure your key messages never go unnoticed. Choose the placement that best suits your video's layout and ensures your message is seen without disrupting the visual appeal of your content. 

  • Choose your language for automatic captions

    Select your preferred language for captions to match the same language as the audio in your video. This offers a streamlined interface for adding accessible content to a global audience.

Add auto subtitles in different languages

How to add subtitles to a video?

how to add captions to a video
  • 1

    Upload your content

    Upload a video that contains clear audio or speech

  • 2

    Navigate to captions

    Access the main toolbar and click on the “Captions” icon or directly from the home screen for quick access.

  • 3

    Customize and edit

    * Edit with ease: Use the captions layer toolbar to make any edits. Directly adjust the text, prepare for future updates with caption regeneration, or opt to remove all captions if preferred.

    * Widget flexibility: Modify the position, size, and rotation of your captions using the captions widget,ensuring they complement your video perfectly.

  • 4

    Share and engage

    Share your captioned video to social media platforms, engaging your audience with accessible and captivating content.

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Fit your video in any frame. Our video resizer adjusts size perfectly for any platform or purpose.

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Auto Captions FAQ

Can you automatically add subtitles to a video on Videoleap?

Yes, Videoleap features an auto-caption tool that automatically generates subtitles for your video content, streamlining the captioning process.

Does Videoleap have text-to-speech?

No, Videoleap currently does not offer a text-to-speech feature. Stay tuned for future updates and new feature releases!

Is it free to add video subtitles?

Adding subtitles to videos on Videoleap is part of our suite of free tools, making it accessible for you to enhance your video content without any cost.

Are subtitles the same as captions?

Subtitles typically refer to translations for viewers who understand the spoken language but need text for the video language, while captions are designed for those who cannot hear the audio and include descriptions of non-speech elements.

What is the difference between subtitles and closed captioning?

The primary difference is their intended audience. Subtitles assume the viewer hears the audio but needs a text translation. Closed captioning is for viewers who cannot hear the audio and includes text for dialogue and non-speech information like sound effects.

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