How to create a slow-motion video

Slow-motion videos are undeniably cool. There’s just something about them that gives you goosebumps.

Slow-motion videos are undeniably cool. There’s just something about them that gives you goosebumps. From watching a dog making a face trying to catch a treat or a CGI fight scene, to a dramatic waterfall or gender reveal party, slowing down videos creates a fun and thrilling effect.

But it can be tough to shoot videos in slo-mo, and most people don’t even think about shooting in slow motion until it’s too late.

So, if you’ve forgotten to use a slow-motion effect or don’t have all the fancy equipment, read on to find out more about how to make your existing videos slow-motion.

Why add slow-motion effects to your videos?

Slow-motion filming is popular in everything from funny YouTube clips to huge Hollywood blockbuster films. Not only does it look very cool, but slow motion is used for some very particular reasons.

Firstly, you can use slow-motion video effects to draw attention to specific details. We’ve all seen films where the big reveal happens, and a slow-motion flashback makes you realize the clues were there all along. Slowing down the video lets people focus on certain details, objects, or gestures. Whether you’re filming a night out or your cat, slow motion takes a tiny moment and makes it a big deal.

You can also use slow motion to add some drama and suspense to your videos. This is super effective for sports events. Keep your audience hooked as they wait to see if their team will score or who will cross the finish line first.

Of course, slow motion is also a great way to slow down super-fast action. Nowadays, your phone camera can capture moments that are too fast for your eyes and brain to catch. You can use slow motion to make sure that people can see everything that happens clearly, have time to process it, and nothing important is missed.

We also love adding slow-motion effects to videos for a calming and soothing video. Slow-motion videos of nature (think fires, bubbling streams, and wind in trees) can blur time and help you relax. Watching trees moving in the wind in slow motion can help slow your breathing and can make for a visually stunning video.

How to add slow-motion effects with Videoleap

So, now that we’ve persuaded you to use slow motion, you might regret not taking more slow-motion shots in the past. But fear not, you can actually take an existing, normal-speed video and turn it into a slow-motion masterpiece.
All you need is the Videoleap app!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create slow-motion videos using Videoleap.

1. Choose the video you want to edit and add it as a new clip in the Videoleap app. You can do this by allowing the app access to your camera roll. Click the plus button and choose the video you want to edit.

2. To apply the slow-motion effect to the whole video, simply click the clip breakdown to automatically select every frame. The frame-by-frame breakdown will have a white border showing it is highlighted.

3. With the whole video selected, you’ll notice the bottom toolbar has changed. Scroll along the toolbar and select the Speed function. This will bring up another menu that lets you edit the speed of the video.

4. Move the sliding bar to the left to slow the speed, or move the sliding bar to the right to speed up the video and make time move even faster. You can see the speed underneath the bar. X1.00 is normal speed. Anything less than x1.00 is slow motion, so you can customize how slow the video is.

App screens showing how to use slow motion effect in videoleap

5. You can play and replay the video until you are happy with the speed. Then, use the Smooth tool to ensure the transition is natural and looks smooth. This stops the change in speed from looking awkward.

Pro tip: You can also apply the slow-motion effect to small sections of the video. Create small clips by moving the timer to the start of the clip you want to create. Select the red line and click the [I] button to create a split. Move the red timer again and create another split. This will give you separate clips, and you can apply different effects to each clip

6. Save and share! Once you’re happy with your slow-motion video, choose the Export option from the top corner. You can choose the quality of the video and then save it to your phone.

Take your video editing to the next level

Video editing is actually much easier than you might think. Now, you can create incredible slow-motion videos and clips quickly and easily on your phone. Videoleap makes it possible to make high-quality, smooth transitions for incredible results.

When you shoot slow-motion videos on your phone, it will automatically apply a standard slow motion over one part or all parts of the video. For a more unique, customizable result, you can shoot a video using your normal camera and make the edits later. More creative freedom; better results!

Check out the Videoleap app and download it to your phone to take your videos to the next level today.

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