New video effects: shake, rays, crystal, and bloom

Sometimes you shoot a video and you want it to look as close to real life as possible.

Sometimes you shoot a video and you want it to look as close to real life as possible. However, there are other times when you want your video to look otherworldly—perhaps for a certain brand campaign or topic.

Adding a dreamy effect to moving pictures creates a unique aesthetic that attracts attention and stands out from the crowd. The good news is, Videoleap has some new video effects that can help you achieve your vision with very little effort.

What are video editor effects?

Firstly, let’s go back to basics when it comes to video effects. These are after effects that you add to your video when you’ve uploaded your clips and finished cutting and trimming them.

Another way to alter the aesthetic of your video is through a filter. Both filters and effects can produce a whimsical look. That being said, filters have to be applied to the entire video, whereas effects can be applied topically to a section of the shot.

There are some easy video editing tools that will allow you to add real-time video effects with just a tap of a button, especially Videoleap.

How to find video effects in Videoleap

To access Videoleap’s new video effects, download the app from the App Store (if you haven’t already). Sign up for a free 7-day trial and tap the plus button to import your video or videos.

Locate the “Effects” button on the bottom menu and tap it. Here you will find the Rays, Shake, and Crystal effects.

Go back to the main bottom menu using the left arrow and tap “Adjust.” Scroll to the right to find the Bloom effect.

Now that you’re situated, you’re ready to unleash your creativity!

4 exciting new video effects in Videoleap

It’s time for the fun part. Apply each effect just by tapping the relevant button to see which looks the most aesthetically pleasing.

Use the arrows on either side of the effect as it pops up in your video timeline to position it in the right place.

1. Shake

“Shake” allows you to add a shake effect in video, which can work perfectly as a video transitions between two scenes. It’s a very popular effect on social media nowadays, and a great way to emphasize camera movement.

Play around with the menu options to get the coolest camera shake possible.

  • Animation: Have your shake effect fade or flicker in or out to make the transition smoother. Alternatively, have it blink overall for contrast.
  • Intensity: You’re in total control of how shaky your shake effect is! Just slide the bar left or right for less of a shake or more of a shake.
  • Density: Adjust how compact the shake looks using the sliding bar (to the left for less compact and the right for more compact).
  • Scale: Increase how much of the shot the shake effect takes up by swiping the sliding bar left or right.

2. Rays 

The Rays effect consists of accentuated beams of light which are added to the bright aspects of your shot. When your video is playing, it can look like a sparkle effect—and it’s super pretty!

Adjust various details of this effect by exploring the options along the bottom menu.

  • Intensity: This essentially makes your video sparklier if you drag the sliding bar to the right, or less sparkly if you drag the sliding bar to the left.
  • Opacity: This sliding bar allows you to make the sparkle effect more or less transparent.
  • Length: Your beams of light don’t have to be long to make an impact. Shorten them by dragging the sliding bar to the left.
  • Angle: Modify the angle of your beams and how close or far away they are from each other by swiping the sliding bar left or right.
  • Rotation: Rotate your beams of light counterclockwise or clockwise by dragging the sliding bar to the left or right.
  • Blur: Choose how blurry you’d like the beams to be by moving the sliding bar to the right (more blurry) or left (less blurry).
  • Tone: Alter the tone of the beams by using the sliding bar to discover different colors.

3. Crystal

“Crystal” creates a shattered effect over the shot, which can be radial, linear, or mirrored. It’s a particularly efficient way of splintering yourself for an ethereal appearance.

Use the bottom menu to fine-tune your handiwork. You can also tap and pinch the red circle on top of your image to zoom the effect in or out.

  • Mode: Pick between “Radial,” “Mirror,” or “Linear” and drag the sliding bar to make the effect more or less intense.
  • Reflections: Alter the number of reflections by swiping the sliding bar to the right to increase or the left to decrease.
  • RGB: Experiment with the RGB bar to change the colors of the effect.
  • Opacity: Move the sliding bar to the left to make the effect more transparent or right so that it’s less transparent.
  • Transition: Transform how your crystalized effect enters or leaves the frame by selecting “In,” “Overall,” or “Out” movements.

4. Bloom

Located in the “Adjust” menu from the main toolbar, the Bloom effect heightens the natural light in your video to add a soft, nostalgic look.

Customize the feel of the effect by using the sliding bar to enhance or minimize it. You could even use “Bloom,” “Rays,” and “Crystal” together to amplify the dreamy factor.

Once you’ve finished tweaking, tap the “Export” button in the top right corner of the screen to save your creation to your camera roll. You can also share it as a template that others can use or change the resolution or frames per second settings for a specific social media channel.

Seamlessly add special effects to videos 

It can be challenging to find an all-in-one video editor with airy effects that are effortless to apply, yet entice the viewer. Not to worry though—Videoleap has got you covered. The Rays, Shake, Crystal and Bloom video effects allow you to add extra pizzazz to your storytelling and consequently spark maximum engagement.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try today.

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