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Which Is Better? Video Star vs Videoleap

Jun 29, 2022
Videoleap Team
Which Is Better? Video Star vs Videoleap

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Picture it: you’ve filmed a badass video and you’re ready to transform your raw footage into your next TikTok masterpiece. 

Sure, the editing app built into your phone is … okay, but it can’t do cool green-screen effects, keyframes, and other advanced features that will really make your video sing. 

What’s a creator to do? 

There are tons of video editing apps out there, and two of the most popular options are Video Star and Videoleap. Both apps will help you transform your raw footage into a cool video for all of your followers, but there are big differences between these two video editor apps. 

If you’re stuck and can’t decide between the two, check out our quick guide on Video Star versus Videoleap.

What is Video Star? 

Video Star is another popular video editing app for Apple Users (Sorry Android folks, this app is only available on iOS devices). Although it has thousands of downloads, Video Star is ranked as #34 in the App Store and has 3.9 stars. 

But even so, plenty of users find Video Star effective for the stories they want to tell. It’s mostly used by creators who want to do lip syncing videos — shoutout if you remember the early days of!

One thing that Video Star really nails is the community aspect of creating. They have a daily #VideoStarApp challenge on Instagram and TikTok that issues challenges to its users. If you really want to practice your content, share it with the world, and get feedback (and eyeballs) on your creations, Video Star could be a good option.

Fave features

Video Star has a lot of features that you can use to add motion to your videos. If you want to generate fast-paced vids that keep your followers engaged, try using features like:  

  • Map velocity
  • Curve timing
  • Video coloring
  • Key frames
  • Multiple layer editing
  • Animations
  • Warping
  • Clip trimming and combinations


Video Star actually offers a lot of its features for free — just download the app, tolerate a few ads, and you’ll be able to do basic editing. 

 However, that’s probably not going to get you very far, so it’s a good idea to buy an All Access Pass. This unlocks everything in the app for: 

  • $4.99/mo
  • $12.99 for 3 months
  • $29.99/year

If you aren’t a fan of paying a monthly subscription, Video Star does allow you to buy some of its features piecemeal. So, if you only want Advanced Auto Stop or Motion Madness Effects, go for it. 

What is Videoleap? 

Videoleap is an all-in-one suite of video and audio editing tools. This app lets creators of all skill levels — yep, both beginners and professionals — churn out high-quality videos on iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

With over 60 million downloads, Videoleap has 4.5 stars on the App Store. It’s run by Lightricks, the same team that brought Facetune to the world. 

Videoleap is on a mission to democratize the storytelling tools creators crave. This app pushes the limits of technology and rivals professional desktop video editing software — with all of its high-end features packed into the palm of your hand. 

Fave features

Videoleap does all of the basic editing you need to create awesome videos, including combining, trimming, adding text, and other artistic effects. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Videoleap is chock-full of powerful features, including: 

  • Customization: You’re in charge here. From transitions to effects to speed, you can change everything in the app to fit your unique style. 
  • Advanced tools: If you’re already a video editing pro, Videoleap equips you with some serious editing firepower. Use keyframes, masks, chroma key, and a mixer to create studio-level content.
  • Pre-loaded library: Who has the time to create their own music and stock footage? Videoleap comes loaded with B-roll footage, a library of royalty-free music, stickers, filters, and special effects. 
  • Export settings: When you export a video in Videoleap, the app lets you choose the quality of the export. For example, if you want a really detailed 4K video, the app has the chops to handle it.
  • Support: Need a little help? Videoleap has tons of in-app tutorials if you’re stuck. They also have a dedicated customer support team, so you can always chat with a human about your big ideas.
  • Inspiration: honestly, you can do so much in Videoleap that it can feel intimidating. The Inspiration feed is awesome because it shows you what other creators are doing within the app. You can even swipe the exact template they used!


Videoleap offers a free seven-day trial so you can try it out before committing to anything. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, Videoleap is $7.99/mo. But you can get a discount if you sign up for a yearly subscription, so keep that in mind. 

Which is better, Videoleap or Video Star?

At the end of the day, our vote has to go to Videoleap.  

Unlike Videoleap, Video Star is only available on iOS devices. Sure, it’s a few bucks cheaper per month, but the ratings aren’t as good and the features just don’t compare.  

To be fair, Video Star’s app does a lot, especially if you like warping, zany, hyper-looking action videos. It’s very movement heavy and physical, but Video Star doesn’t have the robust features you’ll find with Videoleap.  

If you’re paying for a pro subscription anyway, Videoleap gives you access to absolutely everything — plus future updates — for one simple monthly (or yearly) subscription.  

Oh, and the best part? You can try before you buy. Give Videoleap a whirl now to see its powerful editing tools in action.

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