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Splice vs Videoleap

Jun 27, 2022
Videoleap Team
Splice vs Videoleap

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More people prefer to watch video online than ever before. In fact, the amount of video that people consume daily has doubled since 2018.

For social media creators, the pressure is on to create enchanting videos that entice both existing and new audiences. But how do you accomplish expert-level edits with beginner-level skills?

Step forward, the help of a video editing app.

Main Differences Between Splice App vs Videoleap

Splice and Videoleap are two popular video editing apps that are very similar. That said, they do have core differences:

  • Videoleap offers more editing options and advanced features than Splice
  • The tutorials provided by Videoleap are more in-depth and varied compared to Splice
  • Videoleap has a focus on community as well as creation
  • Videoleap is way cheaper to use than Splice

Which one is better? Spoiler alert—it’s Videoleap. But let’s dive deeper into some of Splice's features.


What Is Splice Video Editing Software?

Splice was originally developed by GoPro in 2010 with one goal in mind: allow video-makers to “edit like a pro on the go.” However, the app was acquired by Bending Spoons in 2019.

What Are the Key Features and Benefits of Splice app?

Splice has many features and benefits, which makes it one of the best video editing apps currently on the market.

  • Fuss-free and Intuitive Interface: Splice users are mesmerized by how easy it is to set up and use the app, with some saying you can become “experts within just a few minutes of using it.” Select your clips from your camera roll, name your project, and pick an aspect ratio (Instagram Story, for example) so your video is platform-ready before you even begin editing. There’s a drag-and-drop functionality for reordering clips, adjusting speed, and trimming clips. Furthermore, it’s super convenient to apply the same transition to the whole video with one tap, or double-tap on a clip to split it instantly.
  • Professional and Progressive Editing Tools: Splice has all the features you’d expect from a video editing app, including effects, titles, animation, transitions, and speed control. It’s most loved for its large music library, offering thousands of royalty-free songs organized by genre for those using Splice Pro. You have the option to import songs from your own music library too. A brand new nifty feature is the ability to make your videos more accessible by converting your audio into written captions on the screen.
  • Extensive Support and Updates: Bending Spoons takes feedback on the app extremely seriously. Every review left on the App Store or Google Play is responded to, with some users reporting that they’d made suggestions and then improvements were implemented in the next update. There’s also a Help Center section of the app where users can find tutorials, guides, and FAQs.

What Improvements Need to Be Made?

Splice is available for both iOS and Android users. Even so, Android users don’t have access to some of the fancier features on the iOS app, such as keyframes, chroma key, and audio editing.

Additionally, some users have reported crashes when trying to perform simple actions, such as opening the app or saving a video to their camera roll.

What Does Splice App's Pricing Look Like?

Splice Pro costs $2.99 per week but you can try the app for free for a few days. This is much more expensive compared to Videoleap. 

Even so, you do get the performance of a desktop editor from the comfort of your smartphone.

Videoleap Video Editor

Next, let’s break down what makes Videoleap so awe-inspiring compared to Splice

What Is Videoleap?

Videoleap was launched in 2017 by Lightricks, the creators of Facetune, Boosted, and Photoleap (formerly known as Photofox and Enlight).

What Are the Key Features and Benefits of Videoleap?

Videoleap offers more professional features and benefits than Splice but remains straightforward to use for novices.

  • Endless Choice for Editing Tools: Videoleap allows you to edit every aspect of your video so you can achieve your dream look and feel. You can do everything from adding fun stickers and swish animations for movement to using the Tone Lab and filters to elevate the aesthetic.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Most editing functions can be performed in seconds, such as the hold and drag to rearrange clips on your timeline and the tap to separate one clip into two using the Split function. The “undo” and “redo” arrows are also handy for any mistakes you make while editing.
  • Helpful Home Feed of Beautiful Templates: When you open the app, the TikTok-style home screen shows videos of templates you can use that have been made by fellow creators. If you don’t like the first template that appears, simply scroll until you find one you do!
  • Opportunities to Connect and Share Your Work: Videoleap is a unique video editing app because it offers a sense of community. Your user profile is automatically generated when you sign up so you can create your own templates and post them for others to use. You can also support your favorite creators by liking their templates and following their profiles.
  • In-App Tutorials Made By Users and the Videoleap Team: Get help whenever you need it from the Home screen through the question mark icon in the top-right menu. Access tutorials and tips and tricks from the double folder icon in the top menu while in the editing screen. These videos are not just made by the Videoleap team, they’re also made by fellow creators who truly use and enjoy the app so they offer valuable insights.

What Does Videoleap Pricing Look Like?

Videoleap allows you to try the app for free for 7 days. The Pro version is $7.99 per month, whereas the cost of Splice is $11.96 for a four-week month.

In short, Videoleap Pro provides better value for money with phenomenal extra features that give your videos more pizzazz.

Splice vs Videoleap: Which One Is Better?

No video editing app is perfect, so there are things that both Splice and Videoleap can work on. Notably, the Android version of the apps need to be brought up to speed with the iOS versions.

Splice has a cleaner interface so it’s incredibly effortless to use for newbie video creators. Having said that, if you take the time to educate yourself, Videoleap provides more flexibility in terms of what you can attain through the app.

Given that Splice is more expensive than Videoleap, it all comes down to your budget and needs. We recommend utilizing the free trials before making the decision.

Either way, Videoleap has the creative competitive edge, allowing you to produce sensational videos that have the ability to revolutionize the social media scene.

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