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Panzoid Video Editor vs Videoleap

Jun 29, 2022
Videoleap Team
Panzoid Video Editor vs Videoleap

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Calling all video nerds! Whether you create videos just for funsies or you’re a hardcore professional creator, you need a video editor app that can keep up with you. There are tons of video editors on the market, so which ones are worth the hype?  

If you’re looking around for a better solution, you might have heard about apps like Videoleap or Panzoid Video Editor. Sure, both apps can do basic video editing, but the differences between them are night and day. 

Let’s look at the differences between Panzoid Video Editor versus Videoleap so you can pick the best editing app for your feed.

What is Panzoid Video Editor? 

Panzoid Video Editor seems to be a popular suite of tools for video buffs. It’s very different from Videoleap, though: Panzoid is an online-only video editor app, so you’ll need to be on a laptop to use it.  

Panzoid started in 2012 as a collective of sorts for video creators. It bills itself as a community and not as a tool, so if you want to connect with other people who make custom digital art, Panzoid is a great option.  

In the Discussion forums, Panzoid users can share tips and templates with each other. You can also check out the Creations feed to see what other people are making with Panzoid.

Fave features

Panzoid isn’t as robust as Videoleap if you’re doing video editing. But it does have cool features for folks who are interested in 3D or digital art, like:  

  • Backgrounder: This was Panzoid’s first product that’s a useful tool for creating digital backgrounds. It offers a few limited templates to start, which could be useful for creators who want to get used to the platform first.
  • Clipmaker: This tool can pull in audio, music, special effects, objects, camera settings, and more. If you want to build 3D art or graphics for your videos, this feature is perfect for custom intro clips. 
  • Video Editor: Panzoid offers basic video editing that allows you to pull media and templates from its community. You can add 3D scenes as well as adjust sequences, objects, and effects — just keep in mind that the overall video editing effects are limited.


Panzoid is free out of the box, but it comes with ads and rendering limits. Paid memberships give you access to more rendering credits and start as low as $3 to $18, billed monthly.

What is Videoleap? 

With over 60 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating on the App Store, Videoleap is one of the most popular video editing apps on the market. It’s an all-in-one suite of video optimization and editing tools that simplifies the video editing process. This way, you can spend more time filming cool videos and less time pulling out your hair, trying to master a certain effect.  

Videoleap isn’t just for tech nerds or pro video creators, either. It’s intuitive enough that people with no video editing experience can get a ton of value out of the app, too. And since it’s available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, Videoleap is accessible to just about anyone.  

Fun fact: Videoleap was created by the same company that invented Facetune2. They put in a lot of funding — and even academic research — into Videoleap to make it a robust option that rivals desktop editing tools. 

Fave features

Videoleap empowers creators of all skill levels to turn their sparks of creativity into shareable stories. While the app can definitely handle the basics like trimming and combining clips, text, and special effects, Videoleap has tons of other sweet features, including:  

  • Chroma: Sample parts of your videos, tap them, and make them vanish in the blink of an eye. 
  • Special effects: Blur your videos or drop in a green screen background to add pro-level details with just a few taps. 
  • Drag and drop interface: You don’t need a stylus to do cool stuff with Videoleap. The app is specifically designed for mobile users, so everything is doable with taps, drags, and presses.
  • Templates: You’re busy, right? Videoleap’s templates can save creators a ton of time. And since you can watch other creators’ videos and swipe the exact templates they used, it’s never been easier to keep up with TikTok trends. 
  • Export: Whether SD is your jam or you want to export in full 4K, Videoleap has the chops to export at the quality you need.
  • Personalization: Do you want all of your videos to start with a particular effect or title screen? Videoleap gives you the ability to fully customize every aspect of your videos. 
  • Advanced tools: If you want something more robust, there’s no need to buy expensive cinematography software. Videoleap comes jam-packed with professional tools like mixers, masks, keyframes, and a lot more.
  • Stock library: Don’t waste time sourcing stock footage. Videoleap comes loaded with copyright-free stock footage and music. It even comes with filters and stickers to jazz up your visuals. 
  • Customer support: You aren’t on your own with Videoleap. If you have questions, just get in touch with its dedicated customer support team to keep moving forward. 


Videoleap is $7.99 a month, but you can try it free for seven days.

Which is better, Videoleap or Panzoid?

If you’re trying to choose between Videoleap versus Panzoid Video Editor, you’ll likely need to go with Videoleap for your mobile video editing needs.  

Panzoid is online-only and a bit heavier. There’s no app available, so if you want to edit footage on your phone without importing it … you’re out of luck, pal. Plus, the paid memberships don’t get you very much except rendering credits, so the features you see are the features you get.  

Now, Panzoid is useful if you’re really into 3D art. But for video editing, it’s too simplistic of a tool and has limited features. Sure, the Community board is kinda cool, but when you need mobile editing firepower, go with Videoleap. 

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