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InShot vs CapCut vs Videoleap

Jun 28, 2022
Videoleap Team
InShot vs CapCut vs Videoleap

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The social media scene is saturated. There are currently 3.1 million influencers on TikTok alone. Therefore, as a professional creator, standing out from the crowd is essential for attracting your ideal audience and growing your account.

That said, it can be difficult to find a video editing app that’s easy to use and also creates extraordinary content.

InShot, CapCut and Videoleap are three of the most popular options out there—but which one will get you the best results? Let’s investigate.

Main Differences Between InShot vs CapCut vs Videoleap

If we’re comparing the three, there are some key differences:

Videoleap offers templates and a sense of community, unlike the other two, but doesn’t have a free plan available (only a free trial)

  • InShot has the most simple and intuitive interface, ideal for those new to video editing, and has a free plan where you can use most editing tools
  • CapCut is aimed at TikTokers and is totally free to use

Heads up, we think Videoleap wins for its user-friendly interface yet pioneering features. Even so, it’s worth exploring all options.

What Is InShot?

InShot was released for Android in 2014 by Chinese developer QuVideo, closely followed by the iOS version in 2015. The purpose of the app is to help users produce videos quickly and effortlessly.

Pros of InShot

InShot has been downloaded over 500 million times because of the following reasons.

  • Clean and Stripped-Back Interface: InShot is a great option for novices who have never used a video editing app before. Download the app and immediately begin editing your first video, photo, or collage—no signup required. You can then swipe intuitively to access stickers, music, canvas, filters, PIP, split, freeze and more from the main menu.
  • Affordability: Most of the basic features are available on the free plan. However, for access to more advanced transitions, effects, stickers, and watermark removal, the Pro plan costs only $3.99 per month.
  • In-App Help and Support: Find in-app tutorials instantly by tapping the question mark icon in the top right corner. There’s also a FAQ section and a button to contact the support team.

Cons of InShot

Although InShot receives mostly positive reviews, the majority of the negative ones are down to these three cons.

  • Distracting In-App Ads: An animated banner ad sits at the top of the editing screen that constantly changes and catches the eye, which can hinder productivity.
  • Small Timeline: There’s currently no option to zoom in on the timeline to get a better view of what you’re editing. When producing intricate effects, this can prove quite challenging.
  • Limited Stock Music: There’s only a handful of stock songs and sound effects available to use for both free and paid users. You can import your own from your music library, but it would be beneficial for users if the app offered more stock options.

What Is CapCut?

CapCut was launched in 2020 by the makers of TikTok (Bytedance). It’s a free all-in-one editing app designed to help TikTokers create high-quality videos for the platform.

Pros of CapCut

CapCut has diverse features that are suitable for beginner or expert video creators, including keyframes and chroma key. There are other pros too.

  • TikTok-Focused Features: This app is a TikTok creator’s dream. Tap “Sounds” and sign in with your TikTok login details to sync your favorited sounds. Use the “Extracted” button to import sound from any video in your camera roll. Add text and try the “Text-to-speech” feature with various voices to see which one you prefer as your audio. Share your video directly to TikTok when you’re ready to export.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Newbies can pick up CapCut in a matter of minutes. There are several handy tools, including the “Format” button (allowing you to change your video’s aspect ratio in one tap), the undo and redo button, and a full-screen preview mode.
  • Free Stock Content Library: Take advantage of CapCut’s free extensive library of Picture-in-Pictures (PiPs), sounds and songs to put a fresh spin on your video.

Note that there is a watermark that pops up at the end of every CapCut video, which can be removed before you export.

Cons of CapCut

Although CapCut has many pros, there are some downsides as follows.

  • No Quick Access to In-App Tutorials: If you’re in the middle of editing a video and need help, you can only access the in-app tutorials by navigating back to the Home screen. This can be frustrating and take longer than if the tutorials were available to access from the editing screen (like with InShot and Videoleap).
  • Lack of Variety for Fonts and Animations: Users have reported wishing there were more choices for fonts and animations. For instance, the only animation effects currently available are “in,” “out,” or “combo.”
  • Bug and Crash Issues: Users have reported the app as being glitchy and lagging in certain parts of their videos. This could be down to the fact that CapCut is still a relatively new app experiencing teething issues.

What Is Videoleap?

Videoleap was released in 2017 by Lightricks (the creators of FaceTune, Boosted, and Photoleap). Its mission is to make video editing easy for everyone.

Pros of Videoleap

The best thing about Videoleap is that it feels like part video editing app, part social media app. Allow us to explain.

  • Limitless Editing Tools: Videoleap offers complete control, allowing you to level up every aspect of your video so that it meets your original vision. You get everything you’d expect in a video editing app for both beginner and experienced creators. The Tone Lab, Glitch and Mixer tools are exclusive to the app and will allow you to create a moving picture that breaks boundaries.
  • Ready-To-Go Templates:  Utilize glossy templates stitched together with precision by fellow creators to take the hard thinking out of the creative process. Tweak a template in a few taps and put your individual stamp on it by choosing from an elaborate stock library of images, songs, and PiPs. Share the love by creating and exporting your own experimental templates for others to try.
  • A Sense of Community: The scrollable Home screen is similar to that of a social media app where you can browse templates and creator profiles at your leisure. Edit your profile name, photo and bio so other users can find and follow you. Access in-depth tutorials made by the Videoleap team and fellow creators from the comfort of your editing screen.

InShot vs CapCut vs Videoleap: Which One Is Better?

InShot, CapCut and Videoleap are viable apps for professional social media creators looking to edit and spruce up their videos to perfection. They’re all straightforward to use and provide powerful tools at your fingertips.

Videoleap is just one step ahead of the others. It’s carving its path as a trailblazing video editing app, offering one-of-a-kind features and valuable opportunities to connect with others as well as create.

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