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Capcut vs Videoleap

Jun 29, 2022
Videoleap Team
Capcut vs Videoleap

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Finding your feet with movie making and want to create awesome TikToks and Instagram reels? Or maybe you’re a seasoned pro looking for extensive features, advanced special effects and precise creative control. Whatever level you’re at, two of the most popular video editing apps out there – Videoleap and CapCut – come loaded with all the editing bells and whistles to make high-quality videos on the go.

From cinematic rotations to cloning, masking and eye-popping animation, these all-in-one video editing apps have all the usual cut and trim features you’d expect, plus some that are new and unique to each. So we’ve put both apps in the ring and compared how they perform. Videoleap vs CapCut. Who wins? Let the creators decide… 

Capcut vs Videoleap

We’ll look at:

1. Templates

2. Editing

3. Music

4. Greenscreen

5. Extras 


Capcut vs Videoleap Templates 


Moody, magical, smooth, retro… Templates are a sure-fire way to get inspired and start your projects off with a ready-made theme. Videoleap makes things simple and fun with their huge variety of templates. Browse through ones created and regularly refreshed by the Lightricks team. Or take your story to another exciting level by scrolling through the latest trending templates from top creators displayed on the homescreen. 

After picking a template that catches your eye, simply add videos and photos from your device. Templates are the perfect way to add your own video footage with ready-made transitions, soundtrack and clip durations. None of the decisions, all of the great-looking results. 

Videoleap’s resident tour guide, Brandon B, provides a taste of the latest creator templates, interspersing these with his fast-paced mini-tutorials. Check out his tips on filling timeframes with footage, adding text and step-by-step demos of his incredible video projects. Climbing out of his Instagram profile photo or pouring white candies out of a milk bottle are just some of his more complex creations that will have you setting up a green screen and other props in your back yard. 

Videoleap templates by expert Cody Wanner can also be found on the homescreen, offering invaluable film-making advice on using your phone’s camera and capturing footage the fastest, most fool-proof way. 


Just like Videoleap, CapCut has a clean, simple interface – streamlining the video editing process in a highly intuitive way. Originally devised by TikTok’s developer, CapCut has rapidly become the go-to free app for creating professional-looking content, well beyond the TikTok video-sharing platform. It offers an extensive range of preset templates, that, as well as iPhone and Android, can be used on Windows and Mac platforms. There are also some feature text templates which you can drop in your own text, resize and move around the frame.


Capcut vs Videoleap Editing 


To help you color correct and customize the lighting on your videos even more precisely, you can boost your editing power with Videoleap’s numerous adjustment tools. Achieve intense, dynamic, or subtle transitions, then blend, mask, arrange layers and add flawless filters to your scroll-stopping edits. 

The keyframe timeline with zoom lets you modify, adjust, and control the position of animated objects in specific frames. And the autosave feature means your projects are constantly being stored. 


CapCut is feature-rich too when it comes to edits. We particularly like the speed curve function and dynamic bounce effect. Small edits that make a big impact. To use these, simply upload your video, choose a sound, and add your chosen animation element complete with flash and slow-motion.

When it comes to transitions, CapCut delivers. Choose from Basic, Slide and Mask to animated ones such as Swing, Wiper, Shake, and Zoom video.  

Capcut vs Videoleap Music 


Let’s talk music. It’s key to shaping the story and nailing that oomph moment or mood you’re after with a catchy tune or rhythm. There’s a huge number of tracks to choose from in the stock library, or you can import audio files from the cloud or your phone. Tap on the Beats tool to add Beat markers, or have fun with over 100 sound effects. 


Also boasting a massive music library, CapCut allows you to download and play thousands of songs and music tracks. Most are copyright-free – music to the ears of anyone posting to social media. You can also narrate your video with CapCut’s Voiceover feature.  

Capcut vs Videoleap Greenscreen 


Why the specific focus on greenscreen? Simple, it’s a great way to judge how well each app handles AI processes. Videoleap’s Chroma Key taps into the same green screen technology used in pro video and movie production. You can create your masterpiece from scratch, or get your project going with one of Videoleap’s stock green videos and overlays. Then as you fine tune the removal of solid backgrounds, there are plenty of extra options to merge and blend multiple clips, pan in or out, and a range of filters – like the mind-bending Kaleido effect. 


CapCut’s greenscreen feature works in a similar way to Videoleap – and is one of our favourite things about the app. Pick the chroma key color – adjusting its intensity and shadows. And thanks to smooth multilayer-timeline editing, you can overlay or add masks to multiple videos. It’s also relatively easy to blend and adjust the opacity. 



One of Videoleap’s major strengths is its tools for blending and superimposing images, videos and text. Visual elements can be layered with multiple blending and mask modes. Adjusting feathering, brushes and transparency is simple too. The filter gallery is also comprehensive with a good mix of creative options like Prism, Defocus, Colorfy, Pixelate and Chromatic Aberration. 


CapCut continuously updates its high-quality fonts and trending stickers, along with animated text templates which are similar to Videoleap’s Effects in Text. And with its advanced new filters, you can be sure of flawless visuals and beautiful people in every clip.

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