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Best Video Merger App

Jun 27, 2022
Videoleap Team
Best Video Merger App

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An average Internet user is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching videos online. Videos on Tiktok alone are viewed 1 billion times daily. 

As a professional content creator, publishing mediocre videos that aren’t inspiring or seamlessly put together just won’t cut it. You need to create extraordinary content to elevate yourself from the crowd. 

Let's Take a Look at the Best Video Merger Apps

The best video merger app can help you combine two videos to make something entirely unique in hardly any time at all. We’ve rounded up a few options that are suitable for both Android and iPhone. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to transform your videos, impress your audience, and show other creators that you’re the one to watch.

1. Videoleap video merger app

Videoleap rightly takes its place at the top of this list as the app that makes video merging child’s play.

The video merger app couldn’t be speedier to fuse two clips together. All you have to do is tap the plus sign to add a new project and select the two clips you want to become one. It will automatically join the second onto the first.

To merge one clip onto another, it’s a few taps rather than a couple (but still super straightforward!). The trick is to use the pioneering “Mixer” tool to import the second clip as a layer, giving you further design options.

Move the layer around on the screen, pinch to make it bigger or smaller, or even spin it around. Add transitions for a smooth journey from one clip to another. 

To do this, look for the button at the join of consecutive clips and then choose your transition from the menu. Whether it’s dissolve, fade, zoom, bump, or pan, the choices are endless.

Blending clips together is also a breeze—just tap the balloon above your video layer on your timeline, such as Overlay, Color Burn, or Soft Light. Preview your masterpiece by tapping the play icon on your timeline.

As well as being the best video merger app, Videoleap offers tons of special effects to help you level up your content game. We provide everything from chroma key to animations, filters to Glitch, stickers to an integrated stock library of music, sounds, and Picture-in-Pictures (PiPs).

Allowing you to utilize templates made by your favorite creators and share your own, the app can be used by novices and experts alike to build a community, tell your story with no bounds, and pave the way in innovative video creation.

Try Videoleap for free for 7 days. Upgrade to the Pro version for $7.99 per month.


2. Wondershare FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a popular video editing app available for desktop, tablet, or mobile. We like how you can effortlessly join videos using their slick (and quick) drag-and-drop functionality. (And you don’t have to stop at two.)

Improve the aesthetic of your video by adding filters, overlays, and transitions. Happy with the finished result? Immediately export it so the whole creative process takes seconds.

Merging is also possible. Crop, rotate and split a video on top of another and proceed to add unique effects, such as PiPs, jump cut, and mosaic blur, before exporting.

Some users have reported crashes, bugs, and glitches while using the free version of the app. To access more advanced features, the annual plan starts from $49.99.


3. PowerDirector


PowerDirector offers a simple way of merging videos for both beginner and experienced content creators. After creating a new project: 

  • Add the desired video clips to your timeline
  • Add a stylized transition
  • Export

For a process so speedy, you’ll be surprised at the quality. You can also effectively layer, shape and blend clips.

As well as providing 3,000+ effects and templates, PowerDirector has partnered with Shutterstock and iStock so that users can access and utilize millions of stock media. In addition to this, you’re able to publish videos directly to social media.

The free version of the app enables you to merge multiple videos, but the paid plans that allow you to access PowerDirector’s full content library start at $4.08 per month.


4. YouCut

YouCut is a free video merging app developed by the makers of InShot.

You can stitch, trim, cut, split and merge videos without any fuss, or the watermarked exports and banner ads that usually come with a free video editing app.

There are also additional features that you wouldn’t expect with a free app. These include effects, filters, emojis, music tracks, color adjustments, and background editing.

That said, if you’re looking for more extensive features, you may want to invest in a paid app. Plus, YouCut is only available for Android users right now. The makers of the app are working on an iOS equivalent.

5. Videoshop

Videoshop is a highly-rated video merger app that combines essential and advanced editing.

Merging numerous videos into one is as easy as importing the clips simultaneously in one tap. You can also take advantage of special transitions and effects like:

  • Superimpose
  • Stop motion
  • Distort

Like PowerDirector, you can publish videos you’ve produced straight to multiple social media platforms. Keep in mind that every video will be watermarked unless you upgrade to the Pro plan (starting at $3.99 per month).

The free version of Videoshop is handy for those who are new to video editing. However, users have reported storage issues and crashes when using the app. It’s also only compatible with iOS.

Deciding On the Best Video Merger App in 2022

There are several video merger apps so it’s not surprising that you may be unsure which is the right one for you. If you want to expand your horizons and unlock your full potential when it comes to content creation, Videoleap is nothing short of spectacular.

You can join or merge together videos in a way that looks professional and sleek without taking too much time out of your content schedule. But there are also various other top-notch features you can use for visionary storytelling to polish off your creations and transform them from amateurish to aspirational.

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