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Best Video Blur App in 2022

Jun 29, 2022
Videoleap Team
Best Video Blur App in 2022

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Awesome bokeh. Faking a shallow depth of field. Or just protecting someone’s privacy. Blurring has become an absolute must-have in video editing. Of course, lots of video editing apps offer it. But how easy are they to use? How fast do they get your creativity flowing? And how easy are the results to share? 

Well, we’ve looked at a whole load to help you judge what’s the best blur video editing app for you and your phone. And these are our top picks.

Here are the best video blurring apps for 2022 for iPhone & Android:

1. Videoleap by Lightricks

Android / iOS: Free with paid options 

Videoleap is a powerful, all-in-one video maker – what you gain in blurring functionality, you don’t sacrifice in other features like effects, transitions, titles and precise audio editing. You can do it all, beautifully. 

What makes it top choice for blur video editing?

For blur video editing, Videoleap ticks all the functionality and usability boxes. For starters, it gives you a little more creative freedom than other apps on our list – and it feels more professional too, with tons of features and the ability to make fine adjustments. 

Spoilt for choice

You can really get creative in Videoleap, with loads of ways to play.

The standard blurring effect is called De-focus – and within this feature you have a lot of control. For example, you can quickly vary the intensity from a full blur to a softer, more dreamy feel. You can choose whether to blur the background or just a particular part of the frame. You can vary the size of the blur area, and also its shape. 

If you need to move the blur area throughout the scene, there’s a few ways to do that as well. Either quickly using the Animation selection, or manually using the marker tool – for really precise movement.    

Other blurs

In addition to De-focus, Videoleap gives you a few other blurring effects to have fun with. Our favorites are Pixel blurring and the Prism blur, where the edges get that lovely, glassy, spectral effect. 

After you finish blurring the video, you can export in HD, Full HD, or 4K resolution. And sharing is a breeze to any social platform.  

2. MovStash

Android / iOS: Free 

The good thing about MovStash is that it’s especially geared toward making mosaic and blur videos. (On the flip side, it doesn’t do other stuff so well…or at all). But let’s stick to the blurring side of things. 

Strong point: The user experience is super easy

It gives you four blur modes to choose from: Simple, Timeline, Face Tracking and Whole Video mode. Simple lets you quickly select the blur area and adjust settings, such as intensity. Timeline lets you select different parts of the video and apply different blur effects. Face Tracking is a really quick way protect someone’s privacy, even if their face is moving throughout the video. And Whole Video mode is fairly self-explanatory.  

3. Blur Video

Android: Free with paid options 

As its name suggests, Blur Video is also heavily geared for this type of effect. It’s an Android-only app that gives you three great blurring tools: Free Style Blur, Instagram no Crop and Fun Blur. 

Strong point: Instagram no-crop

In Free Style, you can blur inside or outside your selected area, change the shape of the area, move it around and change the intensity. Instagram no Crop lets you keep the same aspect ratio when you upload to Instagram – automatically blurring the edges – so you don’t lose anything. Fun Blur lets you live edit, moving your finger around to make effects, then you can check out previews before processing. 

4. Blur Video Editor

iOS: Free with paid options 

For the really creative blur aficionado, Blur Video Editor might well be what you’re looking for. Like other apps, you can blur faces and backgrounds, choose a rectangular or radial blur shape, or use a custom blur tool to adjust the areas that need to be blurred in the video. 

Strong point: Great blur filters and effects

You can also pick various blur video effects, including Gaussian, Pixelate, Mosaic blur, and more. Blur Video Editor has a wide range of blur filters, such as Vignette, Sepia, Matrix, Vibrance, Fade in and Fade out. 

After you finish blurring, you can export your video in HD, Full HD, or 4K resolution. 

5. VideoShow

Android / iOS: Free with paid options 

VideoShow has good blur features and is also a good all-round editing package. So it includes some creative editing tools, stickers, and audio & visual effects. 

Strong point: Facial recognition

We like VideoShow because it has a powerful facial recognition function. It’s excellent for blurring portrait videos and you have the option of adding real-time facial effects to blurred shots – which is a lot of fun for social. 

It’s also very good for sharing – even in HD quality without cropping. And you can upload video to any social platform.

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